create, share and inspire for Africa


“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former African president.

Do you want to make a difference or find meaning in your life?

You neither need talent nor luck, you just need courage, nothing else than courage. The meta of this blog is to enable you to discover the human in yourself by joining this blog. Following this humble and touching side about an incomparable experience in Africa offers you the unique and free chance to connect to your deeper inner of being, thinking and acting as a human being who is conscious about the conditions in Africa and inspires and takes actions for a better world.

We might cannot the change the world, but we can pursue our dreams in the best way we can and help children in Africa for a better future and give them the chance to impact the world. The journey of making a change begins with a single step that lies now and here in your hands. So let’s take the first step together by following, sharing and inspiring people on Inspiration Africa, the connection share point of inspirers for Africa.

Let’s bring a smile to Africa, let’s do it together, hand in hand right now!

With inspiration for Africa, Cenk Dileme

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